• Leadership coaching

    Leadership coaching

  • Assessment and Mentoring

    Assessment and Mentoring

    Structured conversations about leadership, social change, strategic planning, stress management and personal...
  • Recruiting


    Help to hiring managers with needs assessment, job design and position write-up, advertising strategies,...
  • Creativity and Stress Management

    Creativity and Stress Management

    Team-building through claymoulding by hand, the decoration of ceramic ware, or throwing on a pottery...
  • Facilitating


    Consultative design and planning for innovative staff and board retreats, vision-setting meetings, partnership...


Each of us is a leader—of the work we do each day and the choices in how we live. Professional coaching can support the leader in each of us to surface what really matters, navigate a career that fulfills, and make choices to be whole and well.

I am a high-energy leader, an experienced international changemaker and a trained professional coach. I bring to coaching what I learned on-the-job both in large organizations and as a start-up solopreneur, across many countries and from inspiring mentors, trainers and life teachers. As a ceramic artist too, I understand the importance of grounding, centering, and freeing the self to redesign and create anew.

You’ll find an intro here to the Services I offer. I work with each client in a holistic way. I align service to context, providing you with a unique and customized “boutique” approach.

My Clients include executives and their team members, new graduates and career-changers, social entrepreneurs, artists and activists. My coaching tool-kit is broad and diversifying all the time.

Is it time to step up your leadership? The choice is yours. Contact me for a 30-minute sample coaching session free of charge.

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